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    Korean recipes with local UK supermarket ingredients.  No tricks. Just authentic, tasty Korean food.

    This kimchi is so pink and pretty.  It was always served during the main holidays and family...
    July 21, 2021
    I loved this dish as a kid. My favourite way to eat it way back then and now is to mix it with a...
    I love this dish- it's simple to make and tastes great: a savoury aubergine that melts in your...
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  • Korean cupboard basics

    Ingredients in the cupboard for any Korean food fix! All found at the local supermarket*.


    Any type will do in most cases


    Keep peeled cloves in the fridge for convenience



    Thumb size does it for most recipes


    Red pepper flakes- get course flakes. *Asian grocer or Amazon for this one- Sorry!


    A red pepper paste found in all major UK supermarkets (yay!)



    Typically black pepper is used in Korean dishes


    Recommend course sea or kosher salt

    Sesame Seeds

    Toasted recommended

    Sesame Oil

    Pure and from toasted seeds= better flavour! *Olive oil is a good substitute if you don't have this

    Soy Sauce

    Normal and Light Soy for general use. Dark soy typically used for soups or to enhance colour


    White or light brown sugar most commonly used in Korean cooking



    Any clear, white vinegar will do! Cider, Rice etc.

    *Green Plum Extract

    Maeshil cheong. Different kind of sweet w/some tang. Can be substituted with sugar but for those that want to go the extra mile! *Found at Asian markets.

  • About

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    I am a lucky person loved & raised by a Korean mommy who cooked Korean where ever she went.


    Looking back, I have no idea how she did it: We lived in the US for 15 years away from family. She raised 3 kids without help. And even whilst living in Logan, Utah (a small town hours away from any Asian grocer), we still grew up eating a diverse range of tasty Korean dishes.


    Mommy learned to cook from her mother, Halmoni. Halmoni was a creative and talented individual that made everything look effortless. Being a dedicated Buddhist, she cooked to bring to life natural tastes of ingredients and believed simple was best.


    These recipes started as notes for myself as I now live in the UK. I am keen to cook authentic Korean food without having to go to the Asian grocer too much.


    These recipes remind me of all the love I've received from my mommy and Halmoni growing up. I hope you enjoy our journey of documenting them.


    Look forward to sharing the love.